We love a good travel hack…

…like rolling your clothes to fit more in your suitcase, challenging yourself to pack everything into a carry-on (saving the $30 checked bag fee!), keeping your personal space clean on airplanes by wiping down armrests, headrests and tray tables with on-the-go PlaneAire surface wipes, and disinfecting your hands frequently with PlaneAire Hands hand sanitizer. Keep in mind, there are TSA rules to follow when bringing your luggage in the cabin instead of stowing it away below. Buckle in and check out our top 7 TSA-sized products and travel tips for your next getaway.

TSA Friendly Products

What is TSA-Sized?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has rather strict rules when boarding with liquids. “Travel sized” or “TSA-sized” products must measure 3.4 ounces/100 milliliters or less. If your carry-on is packed with liquids exceeding this amount, you will be asked to dispose of them before being allowed to pass through security.

How To Pack Liquids

Airlines require all of your liquids to be packed together in a sealed quart-sized bag. This prevents the risk of spilling in the overhead bins and will also save your luggage and other packed items from any unfortunate leaking. TSA coined the “3-1-1” rule of thumb to help passengers remember they may carry at most 3.4 oz per liquid container (3), all liquids must fit together in (1) quart sized bag, and each passenger is allowed (1) bag. This pertains to all liquids, gels, creams, pastes, or aerosols

#1. If you have a face wash you can’t go a day without or want to bring grandma a taste of your homemade sauce you are oh-so proud of, these reusable silicone travel bottles by LiquiSnugs are food safe, BPA-free, leak-proof and a must-have.

When you arrive home, just clean them out and pack them up in your luggage for your next trip.

TSA-Size Reusable Bottles - LiquiSnugs