Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of the land we inhabit, let’s do our part to care for Earth on this day and every day. Many people plant a tree or have a trash clean up day to show a bit of love, but what about a pledge to pay extra attention to where your trash goes after you toss it? You may have forgotten about it, but Mother Earth hasn’t. 

Here at PlaneAire, we honor the impact we have on our environment, which is why our on-the-go kids wipes, Yipes! and PlaneAire Wipes are made with plant-based ingredients and are 94% biodegradable and compostable. In the spirit of showing our gratitude, let’s talk about compostable and biodegradable products and how we can compost at home to help our planet.

What does ‘compostable’ mean?

When something is compostable, it means it can disintegrate or break down into non-toxic, natural elements. Composting is the natural process of discarded items reverting back into natural elements.

When something composts, it becomes “humus,” which is the decomposition of dead plant matter. It is incredibly rich in nutrients, holds moisture, and is very valuable to new plants.
When people think of “compost” they often think of eggshells and vegetable scraps, but plenty of other materials and products can be compostable too.