The PlaneAire® team consists of a dynamic group of individuals, strategically brought together to develop a unique suite of incredible, honest, and natural products.

“If we can shape it in our minds,
we will one day find it in our lives.”
Deborah, President & Founder

Deborah, President and Founder

“Life has led me to be fearless and conscious. Science has led me to explore limitless possibilities in health and well-being. My mission is to accept the responsibility to develop data driven products that make a difference in our lives. These discoveries didn’t start in my lab, but in a place I love equally — my kitchen.”


Brinda, Chief Scientific Officer

“Science is asking the right questions to understand how and why things happen and how you can change them.”

Matt, VP Content and Strategy

“The right word adds magic to the mundane. It makes you think. Makes you question. Inspires you. It launches you into a fit of laughter. It brings you back to the house you grew up in.”


Strato, Chief Technical Officer

“Web development, when creatively charged, is an art form that delicately balances function and beauty. It allows for immersive, uninterrupted storytelling unlike any other media.”

Nubia, Director of Public Relations

“I’ve been a storyteller since I was five. Publicists have the unique opportunity to craft stories that create social impact. It is a big responsibility and one that I take great pride in.”

Veronica, Director of E-Commerce

“Every ‘nice to meet you’ should be an opportunity not a pleasantry.”

Lee Teevan Operations