Prebiotics Vs. Probiotics: What Are They?

In recent years, many individuals in the U.S. have shifted their mindsets toward more consciousness of their overall health and wellness. Maintaining healthy eating habits is a large denominator in a healthy lifestyle.

Within the last two decades, the addition of probiotics and prebiotics to the diet has surged tremendously, which is directly connected to the increase in scientific data proving their benefits as dietary supplements. All the new data can leave us with questions such as, what exactly are prebiotics and probiotics? What does each one do for health? Are they helpful for your health? Let’s explore probiotics and prebiotics more in-depth to get a better understanding of the function of each.

Prebiotics Vs. Probiotics: What Are They?

Our bodies are full of bacteria, some of which are good and some that are bad. Probiotics are considered good bacterium that lives in your stomach and intestinal tract, working to do away with the bad bacteria that cause sickness and infection. Adding more probiotics to your system through diet gives your body better stomach health and an overall improved immune system. Probiotics can be found in various foods and drinks like kombucha, yogurt, and even sourdough bread. Probiotics can also be found in naturally fermented foods such as miso soup, kefir, and pickles.

Prebiotics are essentially food for the good bacteria (probiotics) to thrive and be helpful to your body. Prebiotics come in the form of carbohydrates that your body cannot digest completely. They end up traveling down your lower digestive tract, where probiotics eat them and grow. Prebiotics can be found in different types of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. For example, foods like apples, bananas, green vegetables, and flaxseed contain prebiotics.

Probiotics and prebiotics provide a healthy and natural way to improve one’s health. Consult your family doctor about moving forward with finding the proper methods for enjoying all the benefits probiotics and prebiotics have to offer, whether it be food or supplement.

In 2014, PlaneAire® founder, Deborah Lynch, began her personal journey in studying the microbiome. this journey began as a result of her drive for health and healing, her health science research, and her consultation with global medical experts.

Prebiotics Vs. Probiotics, from the President’s Desk and Scientific Team at PlaneAire®


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