Kitchen Memories Are in the Aire

Do you have a favorite smell memory?

Scents can evoke the most poignant, powerful recollections, almost instantly. Chances are there’s a smell that can bring you back to a specific moment in time, or make you experience a familiar, nostalgic sensation. Recently, our team got together and shared our favorite aroma memories, most of which, unsurprisingly, came from the kitchen.

The story of our brand reads this way as well. For our founder/president and “master blender” Deborah, it all started with the ingredients. It all started at the kitchen counter. Now, we hope you enjoy this sensory stroll down memory lane courtesy of Team PlaneAire.


“I can still smell it now…”

I remember opening my eyes at 5 a.m. to the most unbelievable smells coming from the kitchen two floors down. The smell would somehow work its way up a winding staircase, down a hallway, and through a closed door—very different than waking up on a normal day in my house, which was only 30 miles away…