Deborah Lu Lynch, Founder & President, PlaneAire®


PlaneAire was founded in 2018, long before we all changed our lives to avoid infection transmission in the pandemic. Deborah Lu Lynch was traveling around the globe while developing a now patented probiotic. This increased travel consumed her with the idea of getting sick from the lingering germs circulating in the airports, bathrooms, hotel rooms, and in the stale plane air. Deborah began inventing and creating products with organic essential oils—known for their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties—that come straight from nature, based on her insights about exposure to harmful bacteria, debris, and contaminants during travel. These insights sparked the creation of the signature PlaneAire Blend™ of six organic essential oils: lemon, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, oregano, and thyme. Deborah is and always has been really serious about people and their health. Through her vision, PlaneAire was way ahead of the curve on pandemic lifestyle changes.

After extensive testing from accredited commercial laboratories to prove its efficacy, PlaneAire was ready. Soon after, the demand became overwhelming. Deborah knew that to set her brand apart she would need to tailor it to consumers’ evolving needs and formulate something that was not only unique but better than what was already out there. Deborah’s unique vision captured not only consumers but the travel market.

As the company waited to replenish inventory in 2020, Deborah had the opportunity to pause and re-evaluate how to expand their product line to best meet customers’ evolving needs, and PlaneAire Hands was born. Understanding the consumer demand, Deborah developed eight gels, a spray, and two first-of-their-kind lotion blend hand sanitizers using only the highest quality ingredients. The signature blend of ingredients strikes the perfect balance: sanitizing with naturally derived ethyl alcohol while maintaining the added benefit of the “feel good, smell good” sensory experience. PlaneAire Hands is made with nourishing ingredients like essential oils, safflower oil, lingonberry, vegan glycerin, green tea, inner leaf aloe vera, spirulina, chlorella. The hand sanitizer blend varieties include Orange Pineapple, Lemongrass Rosemary, Lemon Carrot, Cardamom Lavender, Red & Black Raspberry, Signature Herbal, 3-Mint, Tangerine Coriander, and Sandalwood. The newest edition to the family of products is a Pomegranate Basil lotion hand sanitizer.

Today, PlaneAire is a modern travel brand, providing innovative plant-based products designed for travel, no matter how you’re getting to your destination. PlaneAire products were designed to hygienically clean surfaces, sanitize hands, and freshen the air (PlaneAire Clean, PlaneAire Hands, PlaneAire Wipes). The signature PlaneAire Blend™ of six organic essential oils remains a key component of the Clean spray, surface Wipes, and Spray Edition hand sanitizer. Science, guided by nature, remains at the forefront of PlaneAire. It’s what’s inside of the packaging that really counts, and Deborah’s mission and focus has always been just that.