I’m so happy to “meet” you on this page.

To be perfectly honest with you, all of the blends are my favorites. How could they not be? But when the team asked, I had to think for a while to actually give an answer other than “all of them!” I am so proud to share our collection with you and I am even prouder to share our message of and commitment to fostering a culture of hygiene.

PlaneAire Clean Surface Cleaner for Travel and Air Mist
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PlaneAire® Clean Surface & Air Mist

The PlaneAire Clean Surface and Air Mist is the lighter version of my first formulation and our first product. I have kept the integrity of the original proprietary blend of the six organic essential oils, and to compliment the mist I also developed a wipe version—giving our travelers a choice of one or the other, or both! – Learn more

I am particularly proud to share the story of why I pushed through with these two gel blends in the lab. While I was initially opposed to creating an alcohol-based product, I understood that it was what the moment called for, and now it’s something I can’t live without.

Red and Black Raspberry

Lemon Carrot

Raspberry Hand Sanitizer
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Lemon Carrot Hand Sanitizer
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The Red Raspberry seed oil in this blend comes from a small family-owned company on scenic Vashon Island in the Pacific Northwest. Berry Beautiful manufactures red raspberry seed oil from red raspberries grown in the Pacific Northwest. They take pride in knowing the raspberry farmers who supply the fruit. The family harvests raspberries in season, air dries, and cold presses the seed for oil in small batches. The golden-yellow oil is 100% pure and rich in antioxidants. It contains no additives, enzymes, preservatives, solvents, or other synthetic chemicals. – Learn more

Carrot seed oil is not extracted from the orange vegetable that we eat. Our Carrot seed essential oil comes from France, and it is extracted by steam distillation of the seeds of the Daucus carota plant. This flowering plant, known for its white blossoms and carrot-scented roots, is also called wild carrot and Queen Anne’s lace. Again, it contains no solvents, preservatives, or synthetic chemicals. – Learn more

I am also excited to share these favorites of mine, from our kids and hands collections.

Sandalwood Special Edition

Sandalwood was developed because I liked the idea of adding safflower oil to the essential oils, aloe and green tea, which made this hand sanitizer into this beautiful lotion, making it the first lotion variety hand sanitizer. I truly believe the texture is unlike any other; that, coupled with the enticing fragrance makes for an incredibly unique experience. – Learn more

Sandalwood Lotion Sanitizer
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Yipes Kids Wipes
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Yipes! Wipes

The idea of Yipes! came to me while thinking about how life is so focused on cleanliness these days, especially when it comes to kids as they go back to school in person and re-enter their usual routines. The name Yipes! made me smile, and I thought it would be a relatable word that would make kids smile too. I wanted to create a blend that smells clean and is reminiscent of soap and water. I wanted to foster the idea in children that outside cleanliness is as important as eating nutritious foods for your insides. Teaching, sharing, caring and relating. Then came Yolanda the Yak, our spokes-yak! She became bigger than life to all of us on our team as the hero and teacher of our important message. We can’t wait to introduce you to her! And we hope you feel the same. – Learn more

PlaneAire Hands Spray Edition Home Size

I could not end this list without including our 10 oz. spray, made with our original proprietary blend of the six organic essential oils. This product was created with our customers in mind, who regularly asked us to create a larger size. The size makes it perfect for use in your home, car and office, and as a refill for the 2 oz. bottle. – Learn more

Herbal Spray Hand Sanitizer
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Until next time.

Stay safe & healthy,

– Deborah


The PlaneAire® team consists of a dynamic group of individuals, strategically brought together to develop a unique suite of honest and naturally derived products.

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