I’m so happy to “meet” you on this page.

To be perfectly honest with you, all of the blends are my favorites. How could they not be? But when the team asked, I had to think for a while to actually give an answer other than “all of them!” I am so proud to share our collection with you and I am even prouder to share our message of and commitment to fostering a culture of hygiene.

PlaneAire Clean Surface Cleaner for Travel and Air Mist
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PlaneAire® Clean Surface & Air Mist

The PlaneAire Clean Surface and Air Mist is the lighter version of my first formulation and our first product. I have kept the integrity of the original proprietary blend of the six organic essential oils, and to compliment the mist I also developed a wipe version—giving our travelers a choice of one or the other, or both! – Learn more

I am particularly proud to share the story of why I pushed through with these two gel blends in the lab. While I was initially opposed to creating an alcohol-based product, I understood that it was what the moment called for, and now it’s something I can’t live without.

Red and Black Raspberry

Lemon Carrot

Raspberry Hand Sanitizer