Female entrepreneurs are growing in America.

In 2021, 31% of all small business or franchise owners were women, up from 27% in 2020, according to Small Business Trends. As March is National Women’s History Month, we’d like to recognize women of today who are pushing boundaries and making an impact through their entrepreneurship.

Deborah Lu Lynch, Founder & President, PlaneAire®

Deborah-Lu-Lynch-PlaneAirePlaneAire was founded in 2018, long before we all changed our lives to avoid infection transmission in the pandemic. Deborah Lu Lynch was traveling around the globe while developing a patented probiotic. This increased travel consumed her with the idea of getting sick most of the time by the lingering germs circulating in the stale plane air, in the airports, bathrooms and hotel rooms. Deborah began inventing and creating products with organic essential oils–known for their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties–that come straight from nature, based on her insights about exposure to harmful bacteria, debris, and contaminants during travel. Through her vision, PlaneAire was way ahead of the curve on our pandemic lifestyle changes! She is and always has been really serious about people and their health.

After extensive testing from accredited commercial laboratories to prove the efficacy, PlaneAire was ready, and soon after the demand for it became overwhelming. As the company waited to replenish inventory in 2020, Deborah had the opportunity to pause and re-evaluate how to expand their product line to best meet customers’ evolving needs.

Soon after, PlaneAire launched new plant-based products designed for travel, for clean hands, clean air, and clean surfaces: PlaneAire Hands, PlaneAire Wipes,