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PlaneAire® FAQ

PlaneAire® FAQ2022-06-20T15:22:01-07:00
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlaneAire®?2021-06-15T11:58:34-07:00

We started in the air, and now we’re ready for more! PlaneAire offers modern solutions with simple yet powerful ingredients that are organic and natural whenever possible, responsibly sourced, and never tested on animals. Science, guided by nature, remains at the forefront of our mission. We take pride in the integrity of all of our products and in our unapologetic support of natural ingredients. Learn more about Our Team.

What is PlaneAire® Hands?2021-06-16T10:47:23-07:00

PlaneAire® Hands is a brand-new hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of most common germs on hands, and was also made with your skin in mind. The moisturizing inner leaf aloe and hydrating glycerin will leave your skin feeling soft, and won’t leave behind an annoying sticky residue.

What is PlaneAire® Clean?2021-06-16T10:48:39-07:00

PlaneAire® Clean is an on-the-go surface cleaner and air mist, proven to leave surfaces hygienically clean. PlaneAire Clean can be sprayed directly on surfaces, or in the air to freshen and deodorize. Inspired by air travel and ideal for everyday use, PlaneAire Clean is made from 99% plant-based ingredients, including our proprietary PlaneAire Blend™ of 6 essential oils. PlaneAire Clean contains no added alcohol or ammonia and is not tested on animals.

What Are PlaneAire® Wipes?2021-06-16T10:48:31-07:00