As you move along through life, your daily tasks, mundane ventures, and determined endeavors, we, your hands, meet and greet more surfaces and germs than the rest of your body parts.

Let’s get started!

5:30 AM: Good morning!

Waking up to the melody of your smart phone’s alarm clock…

  • Index finger hits snooze a few times then we finally swipe up to turn it off
  • You rub the sleep from your eyes
  • Then pat your dog’s head

Upon our first seconds of waking: we meet the 25,127 bacteria per square inch on your cell phone screen.

Did You Know? Your cell phone is dirtier than where your pup gobbles his chow, doorknobs, and a toilet seat, combined? Scratch that, your phone has 10x more bacteria crawling on it than a toilet seat!

Make your mornings a bit more pleasant by wiping down your phone screen daily. Use a disposable wipe designed to clean surfaces on-the-go. We know it’s a scary thought to use harsh chemicals on your precious phone screen so opt for something with all-natural ingredients. PlaneAire® wipes are 99% plant-based with no added alcohol or ammonia, and leave surfaces hygienically clean with a special blend of plant-based ingredients.

10:00 AM: Running Errands

An empty fridge and hungry family means time to get groceries. Chicken salad is on the menu.

Did You Know? There’s absolutely no reason to rinse chicken before cooking it. In fact, rinsing chicken can spread bacteria and juices around and on your kitchen sink and counter, causing cross-contamination.

  • Grab and put on your boots
  • Pull kiddos shoes on and lace them up
  • Open and close the door heading out of the house
  • Your kid digs up a heads-up penny from the sidewalk along the way, asks you to put it in your pocket
  • Open car doors and load the kids in
  • Buckle them up, something sticky on their lap belt, wipe it on your jeans
  • Get a shopping cart and push it along as you peruse
  • Pull your wallet to pay

Did You Know? You shouldn’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry! People tend to spend more money, and purchase higher-calorie options when they shop on an empty stomach.

Since pushing around a grocery cart is pretty much like holding hands with every stranger who has used it, give the handle bar a quick spray down. PlaneAire® Clean Surface and Air Mist is small enough to fit conveniently into your tote bag and is the perfect way to keep us from touching dirty surfaces on your grocery trips.