Travel is Back!

These Solo, Family & Friends Travel Trends Are Here to Stay

Let’s face it, America has erupted with travel plans from sea to shining sea with the (at least seeming) dissipation of Covid19, Monkeypox…I guess we’ll stop there. Travel spending has increased considerably in September 2022 and is now at its highest mark since the pandemic started at 6% above 2019 levels; with that said: Travel is back!


Travel is making its grand comeback and is surpassing the sourdough baking craze and TikTok dance challenges that entertained the last two and a half years of many shut-in American lives.

Whether you’re planning to travel state to state, regionally, nationally, or internationally, the indulgence of a family day trip to a local orchard, camping, glamping (one of our new favorites), a winery tour, a week at the beach, etc., is again being discussed in a living room near you by anxious travelers.

It’s All About Essential Travel

That’s why essential travel practices are of the utmost importance. You may ask, What is essential travel? Well, it is the planning and organizing of only the necessary or required items and or mindset to achieve the most pleasurable experience outside of your home during an established time while still acknowledging the lingering viruses and illnesses.

Top 2 Travel Essentials that are Here to Stay – Revealed